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Website Exploitation:

EVOX exploit the site from its offices located in Canada. Those who choose to use the site do so of their own accord and initiative and agree to abide to all the applicable local laws. Any reclamation in relation to the site and to the elements therein contained or derived from the use of the site is subject to the laws that apply on the territory of the Quebec Province in Canada.

User restrictions:

Except otherwise specified in any section of the web site, no element of the later may be copied, reproduced, distributed, published, translated, downloaded, displayed or transmitted in any fashion without the specific written permission of EVOX or the holder of the copyrights. It is permitted to display or download parts of the site however only for non-commercial purposes and as long as no element is modified. This while preserving at all times the intellectual property rights therein contained.

Commercial Brands:

The commercial brands and logos used or displayed on the site are subject to copyright laws registered either by EVOX or third parties. Nothing on this site may be used in a fashion that will allow the indirect or direct use of a commercial brand without prior written consent of the owner of the brand in question. Furthermore, EVOX does not make any representation relative to the use of a brand, the validity, the exactitude or the reliability of any elements reproduced from the site. Even though EVOX does everything in its power to rid the site from mistakes, EVOX, declines any responsibility that may arise from any error that may be present in the site.

Product Return:

You may return non-used merchandise or non-used merchandise which doesn't conform to your order following a mistake, omission, defect made before shipment or defect found during the warranty period to EVOX . You have till the end of the tenth day following reception of merchandise to exchange merchandise.

You must assume the shipping and handling fees as well as all risks carried for the returned merchandise, unless EVOX failed to deliver the ordered merchandise to you, or shipped you defective, or damaged products in which case the company will assume the shipping and handling fees, as well as all risks implied in the shipment of this merchandise, in so much as you return the products through a reliable shipping company that offers some type of warranty against loss or theft.

It is equally possible to return the ordered merchandise from the site, at your local dealer for a bicycles and for any other articles, at our office adress : (as long as the conditions stipulated above apply.)

eVox Return

9095, 25E Ave. St-Georges,

Qc, Canada G6A 1A1

Return Policy:

Once the transaction is completed on EVOX web site the sale is final. There are no reimbursements. However it is always possible to make an exchange. (See section Product return).

Product Availability:

The site displays all the products available to order from the supply company's. Take note that not all merchandise is part of the EVOX inventory, nor of the site itself.

In the eventuality EVOX should have to wait for a product to arrive due to an "out of stock" situation, we will notify you via e-mail of the supplementary delay this will cause. If you are not prepared to wait for the arrival of the merchandise we will reimburse your credit card. The same will happen in the eventuality the product is discontinued.

These are the only exceptions to the non-reimbursement policy.

EVOX will at no time be held responsible for any damage caused to you due to an out of stock situation.