About us

Four years ago, we chose to blaze a new trail and create an electric bicycle that was unique as well as top performing. By developing our own proprietary propulsion system

in Canada, in addition to producing our bikes here, we ensure flawless control over all aspects of the eVox, from design through production, guaranteeing you receive an exceptional electric bicycle.

After the successful launch of our first eVox in 2012 that had been specifically developed in our Electric Research and Development laboratory, we are now proud to introduce the next generation of our product, the eVox CITY and the eVox Kab. An increasing number of people have experienced and discovered the numerous
advantages of using an electric bicycle, whether for a simple outing, to stay in shape or commute to work. We feel the opportunities are limitless and we look forward to energizing thousands of trips thanks to the eVox CITY and the all-new eVox KAB.

You really need to try the eVox CITY and the brand new eVox City in order to understand all the possibilities it opens
up for you … and you’ll see electric bicycles in a different light.