Very Sharp ! Very Smart !

Design FiT - Frame Integrated TechnologyMade in Canada

Designed in partnership with the renowned Industrial Designer Michel Dallaire, and
developed in our Electric R & D lab located in St. Georges, Quebec, the eVox CITY has
no reason to be envious of other electric bicycles. Indeed, its unique style makes it a

highly attractive means of transportation, in addition to being very efficient.

The FiT (Frame Integrated Technology) design, unique to eVox, integrates all the
electrical components into the frame, creating a distinctive aesthetic.

By integrating the console/display system into the stem we have designed a very sleek
and user friendly interface. We also built an LED light into the console so you can be easily
seen during your night rides.

eVox City integrated display


More than just giving you a balanced ride due to its central location, the compactness
of the battery is discreetly integrated into the frame, barely visible to observers when you ride.

Integrated Battery


With the integrated ABUS QUICK LOCK system you don't need the key to lock the battery into the frame.
You only have to press the battery into the socket.

ABUS integrated Lock system

Quickly and easily activate, the DynaMe System with the integrated RFID system in the display, so everything is simpler.

RFID activation key

All of the electronics (basically the brains of the bike) are contained within the frame
using the FiT design. This ensures added protection against bad weather, and fewer
wires to get in your way.